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Welcome to Boxer Brewing Co. – where passion, love for beer, and good times collide. We're not your typical brewery. Our story goes beyond a group of mates brewing beer; it's a tale of pure dedication to the art of crafting the best-tasting, most drinkable beer that brings people together.

At Boxer Brewing Co., we believe every sip should be an unforgettable moment of pure enjoyment. That's why we pour our hearts and souls into every batch we brew. 

Craft beer enthusiasts and casual beer lovers alike will find something to entice their taste buds at Boxer Brewing Co. Whether you're seeking the complex flavours of our carefully curated craft brews, or simply craving a refreshing pint on a sunny day, our brewery has it all. So, join us, grab a pint, and let's raise a glass to good times, good friends, and great beer.



While our brewery owner, Jon Heslop, is the visionary behind the dream, Boxer Brewing Co. is not just about one man. We believe in fostering a vibrant community of like-minded, beer-loving individuals who share our passion for crafting exceptional brews. Together, we strive to bring the joy of beer to our community.

Leading our team is Head Brewer, Johann van der Walt (Pictured). With his unmatched calibre, extensive experience, and unwavering love for beer, Johann embodies the spirit of Boxer Brewing Co. His dedication and expertise ensure that every sip you take is an experience to savour.

Want to know more about Johann? - Read his story here.



At Boxer Brewing Co., we embrace the unexpected inspirations that shape our journey. It all started with Humphrey, Jon's childhood Boxer, who ignited his unwavering respect for these incredible dogs. Throughout Jon's life, Boxers have remained an integral part of his family. Years, and many Boxers later, when it came to naming his brewery, Boxer Brewing Co. was the obvious choice.

​Our brand is more than just a name; it represents the enduring bond between Jon, his passion for brewing, and the Boxer breed. This connection infuses our brewery with a unique energy and sense of camaraderie that we extend to all who enjoy our beers.

Boxers are known for their fiercely loyal nature, and that same loyalty is at the heart of Boxer Brewing Co. Our team's commitment to crafting exceptional beer is unwavering. Every brew is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the finest, most satisfying beers.

We're excited to share the Boxer experience with you, one pint at a time.